Vocabulary of electronic torture


The  purpose of this page, is to give longer explanation for terms ,I have used to describe my torture on my torture diary. I will have hyperlinks to pointing this page rather than explain every time, what every spesific term, I use really means.  This makes my writing easier, and those who do not know the meaning the term, can always refer this vocabulary.

After sauna torture: The name of torture comes because it often happened on Saturday after sauna, when I go to sleep.. I found that it happened sometimes also Saturdays, when I did not go to sauna. I have a cold forehead while I am sleeping. Next morning, there is horrible headache on forehead, and sometimes on right eye, that lasts long in the afternoon.

Doing morse code: This means that I translate into morse code, songs that I have memorized. It is an effective way to resist their verbal manipulation, and I usually use it with loud music on night, they try to keep me awake. Doing morse code, from Beatles song yesterday would start like this” daadidaadaa/di/dididi/daa/di/didaadi/daadidi/didaa/daadidaadaa” . It makes  for secretary” difficult  and boring to read my thinking, so if they give up, I can fell asleep. If the secretary keep me awake, but cannot follow my morse code, after a while they lost the control my pronunciation and I feel it, as different feeling on throat.

Fast sleep: They can get me asleep in seconds. This sleep can last from some seconds to couple of hours. This is possible only after they have got me sleepy, by example Start of the week torture.Sometimes on work, they have embarrassed me by causing me to fell me asleep, while I am participated on meeting. This has not made any good for my career.

Opening of the day: Dramatic story,perpetrators tell in the morning, when person is awakening from sleep, and his judgement is not that sharp, and he cannot clearly understand what is true and what is not true. The sory is  is usually -  but not always -  positive. I am not sure what is the purpose of this practice, but perhaps it has something to do with  calibrating mind-control equipments.

Repetitive voices: These are usually female voices, and they usually broadcast on one  ear. For me it is nearly always my left ear.  They repeat the words or short sentence, thousands of times , time after time. If the victim does not defend himself , or is unable to block voices , the ear gets very sensitive for certain frequency of noise. One can defend his ear by turning his head, listening loud music, doing morse code, or causing other “own noise”. Another way is blocking the ear example with bag of water, steel wool, or some other object over it. This is a different weapon than normal verbal manipulation, that they do for me nearly all the time, when I am awake.

Secretary: Person that reads, and manipulate my verbal thinking. He has ability to block my memory, and sometimes he try to substitute my words, with his words. Secretary is always listening, and sometimes victim could find, when he  trying to manipulate , or block words, but unfortunately one cannot always find it, when it happen. Actually I found another source on Internet , that describes the same thing on name Direct to speech.

Start of the week torture: Means that they do not let me sleep at all, or let me sleep only hour or two.This happen usually on night between Sunday and Monday, but sometimes also night between Monday and Tuesday. Idea is to incapacitate me , and get my resistance for manipulation down. Because I have to go to work, they can keep me sleepy whole week until the next weekend.

Wound: Wound starts a bit like normal itching the head, but soon the feeling is like there were laceration  on the head. The feeling last at least several hours, sometimes several days.

Sharp stones under head torture:Tingling and itching sensations on center and back or the head. Feeling like head is on sharp0 stones.

Sticks under nails torture: Pain on fingers, that feels like somebody is putting sharp stickis under nail 

Forced speech: Speech that manipulator produce, with victims voice. This is possible to stop , simply byh closing mouth. After this the speech is only a kind of itching or vibrating feeling on throat.